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The minimum age to participate is 18 years old. Rockford Gamers Guild events may be adult themed and operate within an adult social environment which may feature smoking, simulated consumption of alcohol, and occasional swearing or sexual innuendo. All players, staff, and GMs must have a signed and dated legal waiver on file for participation in any events and games we run. Rockford Gamers Guild has a Zero Tolerance policy regarding any use of recreational drugs or alcohol. Those who arrive at a game with impaired judgment from any substance, regardless of whether it is prescribed or not, will be asked to leave and may be refused entry to any other games Rockford Gamers Guild produces. Special events may waive this rule for alcohol, and all players will be notified prior to the event. No breaking local, state, or federal laws. No breaking any rules of the event site. Don't bring weapons to game; be smart about transporting realistic props. If you are required to be armed because of your occupation, you must inform us before you arrive. Rockford Gamers Guild will not tolerate dangerous behavior, damage or theft of out-of-game items or property, vandalism, display of pornographic materials, open and gross lewdness, or any actions by an individual or group which demonstrates a wanton lack of respect for the safety or security of the people, property or environment at any Rockford Gamers Guild site. Rockford Gamers Guild does not condone any form of out-of-game bigotry or discrimination against any group or individuals because of their out-of-game affiliations or characteristics, including race, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, ideology, sexual orientation, physical appearance, handicap or disability; or any other part of a player's background. Rockford Gamers Guild reserve the right to refuse entry to an event, ban an individual from participating in any event run by Rockford Gamers Guild, or expel any individual from an event if an individual is deemed to have broken any part of the Code of Conduct, has been found cheating or meta-gaming, or is seen to be a disruptive influence. The event fee will not be returned if you are expelled from an event. Rockford Gamers Guild will not be held liable for any loss or damage to your person or property at an event.

Conduct During Play We expect respectful behavior during games, for the comfort of all players and staff. Please be excellent to one another. Keep things polite and kind. It is just that simple. Be polite even if you don't like the other person. It smooths out most situations and makes everyone else more comfortable. Rude behavior just makes things more stressful for everyone else. We're not expecting perfect robots. Everyone cracks eventually. Just apologize and move on. It makes the game better for all of us. In a large group, the odds of everyone getting along are slim to none. That's actually ok. We're all adults. Keep it at home. We don't care if you and another player have a long standing feud over what color the Space Needle should be painted. We just don't care. Keep your personal conflicts away from game, or don't come at all. All events run by Rockford Gamers Guild are only a form of entertainment; things that exist or happen within the game are not real. If you are having trouble distinguishing between the game and reality, you need to take a break. If you are having trouble controlling your temper because of a game, you need to take a break. If you can't do this on your own, Rockford Gamers Guild staff will intervene. While physical role-play can help enhance a scene and might be something that a character you play would do, please do not touch another person in any way (hand kissing, hugging, other grabbing, etc) without permission. A good rule of thumb is “if it's more than a handshake, you need to ask.”

All Rockford Gamers Guild events are run by a staff of volunteers. We put in a lot of hours to deliver an awesome game. To keep the game staff sane, we have the following rules. Storytellers have the power and authority to make on the spot rules calls to keep the game moving. If the storyteller at the scene feels that particular rules don't matter for a particular scene, then they will make an on the spot rules call to ignore those rules for that scene. Do not argue with the storyteller during a scene; this is called rules-lawyering. Intense scenes (including combats) can be stressful. Arguing with your fellow players and storytellers makes such scenes annoying, and then turns intense scenes into a contest of who can argue their point the loudest. It is permissible to raise your hand and bring up a point when the storyteller calls on you. If the storyteller rejects your point or makes ruling, you may not argue your case until after the scene. Players will be given two warnings for excessive arguing. On the third instance, the player will be ejected from the game and his character will be handled by a storyteller. Pick your battles wisely. If you ask a storyteller for a ruling, the word of the storyteller you ask is final. Please do not “shop around” for a different answer from another storyteller. This is called "mom-and-popping." It's a pet peeve of ours and we treat it as cheating. Remember to share the storyteller's time. Every character is a star in their story. Please remember that other players want their scenes as well and that the storytellers are a common resource.

Universal Rules These rules apply to any game that Rockford Gamers Guild runs and take precedence over any game rules that may conflict with them.

"Fade to Black"

This is a common way sensitive scenes are dealt with and can be used for anything from kissing to a graphic murder scene. If a scene is going in a direction that is uncomfortable for any scene participant or is inappropriate to act out a Fade to Black may be called. A Fade to Black is when roleplay reverts to a very general description of the scene. A Fade to Black will only occur with the consent of all players involved in the scene in question. If a person is uncomfortable with the scene at all, even in a Fade to Black, the role play must be redirected. For your information, Rockford Gamers Guild productions will never automatically require the use of a Fade to Black scene for any character based on how they were written up.

"Stand down"

Rather than break game to deal with a situation that is making you feel uncomfortable out-of-game, a “stand down” may be called. Other players involved in the scene are expected to comply in redirecting or toning down the role-play. For example, if you are uncomfortable with the amorous attentions of another PC, or if somebody yelling in your face is giving you a headache, “Stand Down” is the appropriate response.


This call freezes game immediately, and is used for two reasons: Out-of-game necessity. This can be anything from an approaching hazard or an injury to a lost contact lens. Plot reasons. Something may happen that is not possible to physically represent, such as time passing, a large explosion, etc. *Major portions inspired with permission from The LARP Lab Cod of Conduct.

Disciplinary Actions: The owner reserves the right to give a suspension or an expulsion for any violations of these rules, or for any other reason. A suspension is temporarily not being allowed to enter, attend, or play in any Rockford Gamers Guild events for a set period of time. An Expulsion is a permanently not being allowed to enter, attend, or play in any Rockford Gamers Guild events. An expelled player can request an appeal to the expulsion decision, but Rockford Gamers Guild is not required to grant it.

Memorandum of Understanding: I understand that I do not own Rockford Gamers Guild.
I understand that Rockford Gamers Guild is not a Club, and is not communally owned.
I understand that the possessions of Rockford Gamers Guild are not mine. I do not own them, and they are not owed to me for any reason.
I understand that Rockford Gamers Guild is a private business and that I am considered a customer.
I understand that I am required to pay for the service being provided, and that this fee is thereafter the property of Rockford Gamers Guild, and that I have no say in how and where it is spent.
I understand that any staff position is considered volunteer, and that no money is due them. Any bonuses paid out are at the sole discretion of Rockford Gamers Guild, and its owner(s).
I understand that there may be adult themes at Rockford Gamers Guild events such as simulated smoking, consumption of alcohol, and drug use; simulated violence or other law breaking; and occasional swearing or sexual innuendo.
I understand that I am at a Rockford Gamers Guild event of my own volition, and that I may leave at any time. If there are any simulated themes that I do not like or make me uncomfortable, I am free to leave at any time, or work through the provided methods above to get them rectified. I have been warned of the adult themes and have chosen knowingly to submit myself to them.

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